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This web site is dedicated to collecting, documenting and publicizing the information about medical effects of Reiki therapy. It is intended to promote Reiki use in hospitals and to connect Reiki practitioners of different lineages, their patients and physicians through summarizing and providing medical information about Reiki therapy.

The site contains the database of information about effectiveness of Reiki in treating various health conditions. This will allow the future Reiki patients to choose this therapy more consciously. We also intend to provide a link between Reiki practitioners and interested physicians, to support the process of accepting Reiki therapy by medical community and incorporating it into medical settings. Any Reiki practitioner, willing to provide Reiki in a hospital setting, can be listed below for free.  Also, anyone can request immediate short-term help by e-mailing your request to the list of “Reiki Help” practitioners.  Parents can  request  free long-term distant Reiki healing for their children through the “Reiki Hugs” program.