i. REIKI HELP: free distant treatment

Anyone can request Reiki to be send to a person in need by e-mailing directly to a group of volunteering Reiki Practitioners and Masters. To request  distant Reiki treatment(s), provide the person’s full name, age, current location and a brief description of the situation or health condition (picture/photograph if you have it). If you are requesting Reiki for someone other than yourself,  the person (if conscious) has to agree to receive it. E-mail your request to the open list below, specifying “REIKI HELP” in the subject line:

fox@vt.edu, jreikimaster@aol.com, cathyveris@aol.com, InnergizeNJ@aol.com, Jaejae1212@aol.com, ulamreiki@hotmail.com, srosewater@comcast.net, nicky_rice@hotmail.com, mlsara@aol.com, reikirash@msn.com, kalinin1158@yahoo.com, Virgil.davis@kctcs.edu, abogomol@hotmail.com, cosmicforcehealing@earthlink.net, q2tangelica@yahoo.com, sdobles@gmail.com, hicaring@yahoo.co.uk, ahaliaquintero@gmail.com, mari@paniram.com, awakenyourpotential@gmail.com, newportk@gmail.com, riad9992000@gmail.com, austinpatrick90@hotmail.com

To add your e-mail to the REIKI HELP OPEN LIST, send your name and e-mail to  abogomol@hotmail.com